Why Invest in SaskWorks?

There are more than 30 companies in the portfolio driving growth and creating jobs throughout our Province.

Save tax — Divert dollars you would have paid as tax into an investment for yourself. A tax credit lowers your tax bill or refunds taxes to you as an exact dollar amount regardless of your income level. As long as you have taxable income and CRA collects federal and Saskatchewan income taxes from you, SaskWorks tax credits will be of benefit.

RRSP eligible, you could realize additional tax savings. New deposits to RRSP’s create deductions, lowering your taxable income, and the tax you pay. You can even transfer other existing RRSP investments to Saskworks to receive a tax credit.

Diversify your portfolio from public markets. Public companies often experience large market swings at the mercy of news, politics, misinformation and public sentiment. Compare this to private companies that are valued on the owners ability to run their business well.

Small to medium size businesses provide 90% of the jobs in Saskatchewan. Federal and Provincial governments agree investment in this sector will continue to stimulate economic growth and job creation. The tax credit, while seemingly generous for the investors (and it is), has proven enormously beneficial to the province in a net positive way. When there is economic growth and job creation, there are more people to tax, and initial tax credits are offset within a very short period by additional tax revenue collected by the government.

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*Assumes deposits to an RRSP

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