Management Fees and Performance Incentives

Saskworks management fees may seem higher than other mutual fund investments. Why? When we invest in private companies, on-the-ground, hands on analysis is rigorous and required. The portfolio management team may take 12 - 18 months of due diligence and research before arrriving at a decision to add a company to the Saskworks portfolio. This includes a business plan and exit strategy. The focus is to always provide our investors with value. We’ve had a consistent positive performance for the last 20 years.

Management fees also include an incentive participaton fee to reward the portfolio management team when they achieve exceptional performance.

Reported Performance

We report rates of return after fees, The reported rate is what you -as the investor- actually receive after all management fees have been paid. With Saskworks investments you will receive an additional 32.5% of your deposit back as a tax credit. It is important to note that this is never included in your reported rate of return.

Let’s Compare Apples to Apples

If the fund reports a 3.5% return each year over an 8 year period it is equivalent to an alternative investment reporting a return of 8.7%. This is thanks to the 32.5% tax credit you will receive on your deposit. Let’s look at an example:

Comparison: SaskWorks Diversified Fund and the Canadian TSX Small Cap Total Return (after tax credits, same net deposit) 8 year period ending May 2022
SaskWorks Diversified Class A
TSX Small Cap Total Return

SaskWorks Diversified: ($5,000 invested, Less: $1625 SaskWorks Tax Credit = net deposit of $3,375)
TSX Index: $3,375 invested (same net deposit as SaskWorks)

SaskWorks Tax Credits Contribute to Total Return

Comparison: Volatility/Consistency of Returns - SaskWorks Diversified Fund Relative to the Canadian TSX Small Cap Total Return over an 8 year period ending May 2022
SaskWorks Diversified Class A
TSX Small Cap Total Return

SaskWorks: Diversification from Public Markets (TSX) and a History of Consistent Returns