Investment Choices

SaskWorks offers two funds for investors.

SaskWorks Diversified Fund

This fund consists of 30-40 Saskatchewan companies selected from the diverse industry sectors that drive the Saskatchewan economy. Anticipated investor returns are expected to be in the form of capital appreciation, dividends, and interest.

In businesses where owners are planning retirement, employee management teams look to SaskWorks to assist with business planning, transition, and financing to buy out the retiring owners. This creates opportunities for investors — like you — because you’ll get to participate in the growth of these companies.

Part of the portfolio focuses on funding innovation. For you, this means if a company innovates and "changes the world", you have shares in it through SaskWorks.

SaskWorks Diversified will contain approximately 30% of the SaskWorks Resources fund. When resources go up you will benefit.

Current Performance | LSVCC Fund Facts | Prospectus

SaskWorks Resources Fund

This fund focuses on Saskatchewan resources, energy and energy services. It is considered a higher risk investment.

Current Performance | LSVCC Fund Facts | Prospectus