SaskWorks investors receive a 32.5% tax credit on investments of up to $5,000.

*RRSP Eligible


Tax credit


Tax credit


Tax credit

Province proud? Invest.

SaskWorks is a fund made up of Saskatchewan-based companies, positioned for growth. When you invest in SaskWorks, you’re supporting the local economy, local employers, and giving a shot-in-the-arm to well-managed companies doing their best.

Option one

Payroll deduction

Put your taxes to work! Invest regularly and reduce your income tax on each paycheck. More than 145 Saskatchewan companies offer their employees the option to affordably keep their investment dollars at home with the SaskWorks Payroll Investment Plan.

With payroll plan

Here's How

Invest $5,000 annually
($192 x 26 pay periods)
Deduct $126 off your
income taxes every payday
and redirect the tax
savings to your SaskWorks
RRSP account.
Invest $66 of your
own money to your
SaskWorks RRSP account.
$192 bi-weekly investment
-$126  income tax savings
$ 66   net cash outlay
Without payroll plan
Regular pay $2,100 $2,100
Less CPP and EI $143 $143
Less Income Tax $693 $567
Your Investment $0 $192
Net Take-home Pay $1,264 $1,198

Option two

Automated deposits.

Debited directly from your bank account. Choose the amount and frequency that works best.

Option three

Single-lump sum deposits.

Deposit up to a maximum of $5,000 each year. Under Income Tax legislation, investors in SaskWorks are eligible to receive a 15% Federal and 17.5% provincial tax credit on an annual investment of up to $5,000. It is also RRSP eligible for RSP tax deferral and an additional tax deduction.

Your Investment $5,000  
-Provincial Tax Credit (17.5%) ($875)  
-Federal Tax Credit (15%) ($750)
-RRSP Tax Deferral* (33%) [$1,650]
Net cash outlay after tax savings $1,725
*Assumes taxable income of $51,536 - $97,069
Tax Credit
Tax Deferral

Other facts you should know:

You can only invest up to $5,000 each year.

Saskatchewan residents can invest up to $5,000 each year and must file taxes as a Saskatchewan resident to claim tax credits.

The Saskatchewan government limits the amount SaskWorks can accept from Saskatchewan investors each year. When the limit is reached, the fund closes to new deposits until the next deposit year opens up. That is why we recommend that lump sum deposits be made well in advance of December 31. If you deposit through payroll or automated deposits, your programmed allocation is protected.

SaskWorks can be purchased as an RRSP, LIRA (locked in assets) or a personal account, but not into a Tax-Free Savings Account.

Each SaskWorks deposit matures after eight years and immediately upon death. There are no penalties if deposits are withdrawn before maturity, but the government will reclaim tax credits that have been received.

Saskworks is an investment fund. Share values and returns will fluctuate.

You have options when your deposit matures:
  • Leave it invested in the SaskWorks portfolio of companies.
  • Transfer it to another investment.
  • Renew your deposit for another eight years and receive another tax credit.
  • Redeem the proceeds and spend the money.