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About Saskworks Fund

Created in 2001, Saskworks is only available to Saskatchewan residents. SaskWorks invests in the private companies that the general public usually cannot get invested into. Many of us can probably think of a company that we would have liked to invest in but didn’t know how to as it was a private company. SaskWorks provides that opportunity. It is a mutual fund that invests into small and mid-sized enterprise in Saskatchewan. Over the past 8 years, Saskworks has made over 100 investments in over 50 companies and maintained or created over 2000 jobs.

Two Investment Funds to Choose from:

SaskWorks offers you choices when it comes to investing. It has 2 share classes; diversified (Class A) and Resources (Class A-R). As an investor you can invest solely into one or divide your investment as you see fit across the shares classes.

SaskWorks Diversified is the original share class. Created in 2001, this share class invests in a variety of sectors but focuses on 3 primary sectors; oil and gas, manufacturing and value added agriculture. These are the same sectors driving the provincial economy’s growth and that is not a coincidence. SaskWorks saw promise in these areas when it began in 2001 and has maintained a constant focus since its inception.

SaskWorks Resources was created in January of 2006. Shareholders were requesting more exposure to Saskatchewan’s #1 industry, the resource sector. This share class focuses primarily on oil and gas but also encompasses mining and alternative energy. Investments. Due to the type of investment and the sector focus this share class is riskier than the Diversified share class.

Saskatchewan Investment

SaskWorks investments within a company vary. Often the investments are comprised of a combination of debt instruments and equity instruments. Often there are follow-on investments as the companies reach benchmarks in their business plan.

There are many reasons Saskatchewan companies look for access to investment capital. Succession planning and growth opportunities for Saskatchewan business are becoming more prominent all the time.

The majority of small business owners in this province are nearing retirement and less than half have a succession plan.

The diverse people managing SaskWorks have become experts in Management Buy-outs where the management team buys the current owner out and continues to grow the business that they are already familiar with. This can provide a great investment opportunity as it minimizes risk associated with startup businesses.

SaskWorks likes to work with Management Buy Outs as there is a company with a proven product, proven track record and an existing market share therefore minimizing the risk to the shareholder that is associated a startup company. Opportunities often arise where the existing owners may be ready to retire and therefore was not taking advantage of the growth opportunities being presented to their company. They may not want to take on more risk at that point. SaskWorks will work with the existing management to buy the company from the owner and get it back on the growth curve.

There are many growth opportunities for businesses in our province. Consolidations, acquisitions, organic growth and franchise possibilities provide a broad range of investment potential.

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SaskWorks Ventures Fund Inc. is a registered labour-sponsored investment fund. The offering is made by prospectus, in Saskatchewan only, for provincial residents. An investment in the Fund is subject to substantial risk; share values and returns will fluctuate. Redemptions are dependent on net income and retained earnings, and may be restricted in certain circumstances. If redeemed prior to the eighth anniversary of purchase, you may be subject to an early redemption fee, and to repayment of tax credits. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.