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Resources Shares Portfolio

27 Oil & Gas Production$ 300,000,000Bruin Oil and Gas is an oil and gas exploration and development company that is focused on the Viking play in West Central Saskatchewan.
29 Oil & Gas Services$ 1,000,000Sun Country is a private well-servicing contractor operating out of Estevan, Saskatchewan. The companys use of newly constructed freestanding mobile service rigs, combined with a highly experienced management team and a board of industry veterans, will allow Sun Country to attract a diverse set of top-tier clients.
31 Alternative Energy$ 330,000SaskWorks co-led a syndicate of subordinated debt providers which has committed $40 million as part of the $130 million150 million litre Terra Grain Fuels ethanol project. Located at Belle Plaine, Terra Grain is capitalizing on the fast-growing bio-fuels market and will be the largest wheat based ethanol plant in Canada, consuming over 15 million bushels of Saskatchewan feed wheat each year
32 Oil & Gas Production$ 1,474,200Chronos Resources Ltd. is an Oil & Gas exploration and development company that is focused in Southwest Saskatchewan. The company plans to take advantage of lower asset prices in the area to efficiently develop a large resource base.
33 Oil & Gas Services$ 1,032,000Crusader Drilling Corp. is a privately held drilling company that services the oil and gas market. Based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, the companys core customer target group includes those oil and gas companies drilling Saskatchewans Bakken formation.
35 Oil & Gas Production$ 3,960,000Legacy Oil Gas is a large oil and gas exploration and development company with operations throughout SE Saskatchewan. SaskWorks acquired shares of Lagacy through the sale of Highrock Oil and Gas
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SaskWorks Ventures Fund Inc. is a registered labour-sponsored investment fund. The offering is made by prospectus, in Saskatchewan only, for provincial residents. An investment in the Fund is subject to substantial risk; share values and returns will fluctuate. Redemptions are dependent on net income and retained earnings, and may be restricted in certain circumstances. If redeemed prior to the eighth anniversary of purchase, you may be subject to an early redemption fee, and to repayment of tax credits. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.