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What is SaskWorks Venture Fund?

Every private equity relationship includes an exit from the investment.

A strategic exit is a part of a SaskWorks investment - and planning for an investment's exit begins in conjunction with the initial due diligence. SaskWorks exits are targeted to occur when the highest returns should be realized by the Fund.

Ideally, exits are planned for 3-5 years after investment, when companies have realized or surpassed the potential they were striving for when they first began their relationship with SaskWorks. An exit may come through re-financing, through sale of the company, or the company may be operating through its own capital, so an exit is typically a positive phase of the growth of any company.

SaskWorks is proud to have been a part of the development and growth of these companies:

1 SaskWorks exited its investment from Bulldog Resources in February of 2008 when it was sold to TriStar Oil and Gas Ltd.
2 SaskWorks teamed up with the Keystone management team for a second time on Keystone Energy Inc. SaskWorks exited its investment with the sale of the company to StarPoint Energy in 2004.
3 Keystone Energy Corp. was SaskWorks third investment with the same management team. Abex award winner as Saskatchewans top new venture is 2004, this oil and gas exploration company was sold to Bulldog Resources in 2006.
4 Privately owned Spear Exploration was sold to NAL, a publicly traded oil and gas trust, in mid 2008. Spears multi-well light oil drilling program was focused in SE Saskatchewan.
5 SaskWorks exited its equity position in Terra Grain Fuels as a result of its acquisition by TSX-traded Universal Energy Group.
7 SaskWorks exited its position with Universal Energy as a result of its acquisition by Just Energy Income Fund.
8 Villanova Energy Corp. was the fourth investment with the same management team. This successful oil and gas exploration company was purchased by Crescent Point Energy Trust in January 2009.
13 Villanova Resources Inc. was the fifth high-growth exploration company to be successfully operated by the same talented management team. As a result of the acquisition of Villanova Resources Inc. by Legacy Oil and Gas Inc., SaskWorks has exited its position with the company.
14 With the acquisition of Real Resources in August 2007, initial Tristar shares were exchanged for shares in the new Tristar Oil and Gas Ltd.
15 Legacy Oil and Gas Inc. is a junior oil and natural gas company that is committed to the aggressive, cost-effective growth of light oil reserves and production in Western Canada. SaskWorks investment in Legacy was a result of the companys acquisition of Villanova Resources, a previous SaskWorks investee.
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SaskWorks Ventures Fund Inc. is a registered labour-sponsored investment fund. The offering is made by prospectus, in Saskatchewan only, for provincial residents. An investment in the Fund is subject to substantial risk; share values and returns will fluctuate. Redemptions are dependent on net income and retained earnings, and may be restricted in certain circumstances. If redeemed prior to the eighth anniversary of purchase, you may be subject to an early redemption fee, and to repayment of tax credits. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.